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Use power wisely

Computer technology has evolved into a very sophisticated and complex area over the past 20 years. Today's standards of technology would have been considered science fiction 20 years ago. The power available to most people can cause great confusion and intimidation.

I have personally been around computers since 1980. I began my exposure on thee IBM PC. I have seen many technologies introduced and mature to the current level of personal computing. This early exposure has also given me an enhanced aptitude for computers and technology. You could say I'm very computer literate.

My rich understanding of computers and technology allows me to diagnose and remedy virtually any situation. Hardware or software, networked or stand-alone, upgrade or repair; I provide many solutions to increase productivity, useability and enjoyment of computing environments.

Hardware Solutions

If your machine is in need of need new hardware look no further. I handle everything including the installation of processor upgrades, memory upgrades, hard drives, CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM/DVD±RW drives, printers, network cards, sound cards, video cards, SCSI cards, scanners, digital cameras, USB devices and a wole lot more. Don' think your machine is performing at its best call on the solution provider. I will determine where the weak link in the chain might be and let you know if your system's slugishness can be remedied by system maintenance tasks or if you need to upgrade components.

Software Solutions

Did someone say system maintenance? Just like getting a tune up or oil change for your car a computer must go through regular maintenance to performance at its best. In addition to installing and upgrading operating systems and software, my software skill focuses fine tuning you system's environment.

Network Solutions

Is your organization getting the most out of your network environment? No matter how large or small your network; your network environment should facilitate your organization operating as a well-oiled, highly-tuned cohesive machine. Whether your machines are connected across the room or across the globe access to your resources should be transparent. My network skills focus on Novell NetWare and Windows servers. I provide the ability to administer the server environment as well setup users, user groups and shared network resources such as print servers and storage devices.

Computer Technology Skills

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