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Now I don't claim to be a master of everything. Who is? I can say that over the past twenty-plus years I have come up with some interesting solutions. Organizations large and small such as Navistar, United Airlines, Motorola, Shure Microphones, Montgomery Wards, Sears, Serta and many others you probably haven't heard of have all benefited from my craft work.
I'm just that good.


Let me break down the many areas to mix and match solutions:

Web Development & Design

The Web Development & Design solutions I offer deal the the complete aspect of creating, maintaining and promoting a web presence from start to finish. I cover the specifics of web page creation as well as the concepts of using a web site to your benefit. Theses set of solutions are beneficial to people wanting to do the actual building of web presences as well as people responsible for overseeing the building of web presences.

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Graphic Design & Desk Top Publishing

My Graphic Design & Desk Top Publishing solutions deal with creating visual elements for print, video and the internet. Common creative topics include graphics layout and design, scanning images, digital illustration, image manipulation and correction. I Combine the creative topics with technical fundamentals of computer graphics such as file color bit depth, vector images vs. bitmap images, image file format conversion and compatibility.

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Computer Systems & Technology

The spectrum of Computer Solutions & Technology solutions I provide deal general computer usage and operations. The main focus of this area is on the fundamentals and concepts of technology. Various topics in the field include hardware and software installation and upgrading, troubleshooting and networking support.

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Audio Aspects

For the musical entrepreneur my Audio solutions reflect years of hands-on experience dealing with the aspects of producing, recording, engineering, running a record label, all that good stuff. I'll share insights into the music industry from many perspectives.

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Video Aspects

The new chapter in this book of live is the addition of Video solutions to my repertoire. This discipline has brought about skills dealing with video recording, video editing, video encoding, motion graphics, DVD authoring, DVD-R duplication and video tape to DVD.

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Many of the solution areas overlap and relate to one another. Contact Me to see how they can assist your organization's needs.

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