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Welcome to the information age

The internet has become one of the most vital tools of the information age. Our world has gotten much smaller. With the ability to share many ideas with many people it becomes important to deliver clear, concise information as well as extend functionality.

The world wide web allows any and every organization both large and small to maintain a global presence through the internet. Proper web page development & design is essential to a successful internet presence. If visitors that utilize a web site feel lost, confused or otherwise can't find the resources they expect, they are not likely to return to that web site. Rest assured that these visitors will not stop searching for such resources and will probably find the resources on another web site. Successful web sites combine rich, robust functions through development with pleseant, intuitive "look and feel" design elements.

Form meets function

The design end of web development, also known as the front end primarily deals with design issues: fonts, colors, pictures, text sizes, etc. The function-building end of web development, known as the back end covers the logic involved in determining what information is presented and captured. Usually one there are seperate teams for the front end and back end. I have skills that cover both the front end and back end, allowing me to 'play both sides of the ball'.

Web Development & Design Skills

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Web Development & Design Portfolio

Here are examples of web sites where I have contributed. These links will open in a separate page.

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